Burglary & Fire Rated Safes

Fire & Burglary Safes

Recommended for content from $5000 to $20,000. Free shipping on all burglary/fire rated safes in the lower 48 US States.

Burglary safes provide a substantial boost in security. These safes are much more secure than a home safe, but do not have an independent lab certification, like RSC, TL-15, and TL-30 safes do.

They are a popular option for individuals and businesses seeking a secure solution without breaking the bank.

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  1. Burg Wachter - CL410E CL410E
    was $1,280.00 Special Price $960.00
  2. Burg Wachter - CL410E - Old Style CL10E-Scottsdale
    was $1,280.00 Special Price $860.00
  3. Burg Wachter - CL420E CL420E
    was $1,640.00 Special Price $1,230.00
  4. Burg Wachter - CL440E CL440E
    was $2,128.00 Special Price $1,596.00
  5. Baron 4022C Floor Model Baron 4022C
  6. Hollon FB-450E, 2-Hr Fire and Burglary Rated Safe FB-450E
    was $1,424.00 Special Price $1,068.00
  7. Hollon FB-685E, 2-Hr Fire and Burglary Safe FB-685E
    was $1,808.00 Special Price $1,356.00
  8. Hollon FB-685JD - Jewelry Safe FB-685JD
    was $2,386.00 Special Price $1,790.00
  9. Hollon FB-845E, 2-Hr Fire and Burglary Safe FB-845E
    was $2,225.00 Special Price $1,669.00
  10. Hollon FB-845JD Jewelry Safe, 2-Hr Fire and Burglary FB-845JD
    was $2,806.00 Special Price $2,105.00
  11. Hollon FB-1054E, 2-Hr Fire and Burglary Safe FB-1054E
    was $3,432.00 Special Price $2,574.00
  12. Hollon FB-1505E, 2-Hr Fire and Burglary Safe FB-1505E
    was $4,089.00 Special Price $3,067.00
  13. AMSEC CSC1413 CSC1413
    was $1,695.00 Special Price $1,271.25
  14. AMSEC CSC1913 CSC1913
    was $1,890.00 Special Price $1,417.50
  15. AMSEC CSC3018 CSC3018
    was $2,690.00 Special Price $2,017.50
  16. AMSEC CSC4520 CSC4520
    was $3,495.00 Special Price $2,621.25
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What is a Burglary Safe?

Burglary rated safes are a type of safe that is classified based on its resistance to break-ins and attacks. It is a build specification that the manufactures must follow in order to be classed as a B-rated, C-rated, or E-rated burglary safe.

However, safes that meet the above ratings are not independently tested and certified to meet a specific burglary resistance test. 

Burglary Rated Safes Come With and Without Fire Ratings.

Business safes that often move a good amount of cash may opt for a burglar safe without a fire rating. For example, cash can be dropped into a nearby safe out of the register in order to protect it from theft. But money is often moved quickly (daily) from these safes to a safe or locations that can provide fire resistant storage. Cash drop safes and deposit safes are good examples of burglar safes without fire ratings.

Of course, you can get them with fire ratings as well. Burglary safes with fire ratings tend to be 2-hour fire rated safes, making them the ideal place to store money on a more permanent basis (weekly) while it waits to get picked up and taken to a bank.

Why choose a burglary safe?

Burglary safes are considered a good entry-level option for securing valuable items up to $20,000 against common burglary attempts. 

Their doors will be at least ½ inch thick steel (in total) so as to prevent them from being drilled, pried or otherwise tampered with.  Most often this is a solid plate of steel over the entire door.

The safe body will be at least ¼ inch of steel in total as well. 

They are a popular choice for individuals and businesses seeking a secure storage solution without breaking the bank.

Due to the construction, they will be significantly heavier than a home fire safe, often weighing several hundred pounds and they will come with bolt down holes so that the safe can be tightly secured to the floor.

Our Favorite Burglary Resistant Safe

Since, in addition to security, burglary safes are often chosen for their price, a quality non-name-brand safe is what you want here so money is not spent on the brand name.

The key is quality though, and the Hollon Oyster Series Fire Burglary Safes present a tremendous value. For the price point, it will be hard to beat the level of features achieved with this brand.

Some of the features are:

  • Hardened anti-drill plate
  • Group I dial lock, or Type II electronic locks
  • Massive 1 1/4” bolts
  • Heavy duty hinges that should last a lifetime
  • Glass relocker to lock the safe down if impacted and
  • A solid vertical locking bar that runs the entire length of the door on the inactive side to prevent the door from be cut off.

Click here to view our YouTube review of the Hollon Oyster safes