Hollon FB-845JD Jewelry Safe

The Hollon FB-845JD jewelry safe is part of the Oyster Series safe line. It is a 2-hour fire and anti-burglary designed safe to keep your items secure. Burglary rated design is not a UL burglary rating, but the features in the Oyster series are similar to those typically found on RSC rated safes.

Typical home/office safes are often are rated at just 1 hour for fire with no special anti-theft burglary measure added. The Hollon FB safes add a lot of anti-theft features that go beyond that of a typical home or office safe.

The Hollon FB-845JD jewelry safe features a safe door and body constructed of an inner and outer layer of 12-gauge steel (each layer nearly 1/8” thick) filled with a concrete slurry that acts as its fire protective material.

It's constructed to withstand a fire of 1700F degrees for two hours without the contents exceeding 350F degrees (This is the KIS and JIS ratings; see our What Safe Fire Ratings Mean YouTube video).

The safe has also passed a 30-foot drop test – in case a fire were to burn through an upper story of your home, this safe can withstand that fall without compromise. It also means it can take a beating from other less intensive impacts.

This jewlery safe door features a glass re-locker. If someone tries to drill out the lock in the wrong spot or drops the safe during a break in attempt, the glass shatters, a relocker is thrown and the safe is locked down.

Hollon’s vault-style hinges found on the FB-845JD are designed to last decades without sagging, and are of the best quality hinge you'll find in a safe at this price point. Though these vault hinges cost Hollon up to 500% more to product than a standard hinge, they’re worth it. The design is not only solid but allows for fire proof insulation around the entire hinge, while typical competing hinges leave giant air gaps around the hinge.

The door also features 3 large 1.25 inch active front bolts, and  2 1.25 active top/bottom bolts. There is a detent feature that automatically locks the door upon closing.

To protect the content from a hinge removal attack, the door on the FB-845JD by Hollon has a solid vertical locking bar along the entire hinge side of the safe. Most safes in this price range feature 1-2 inactive (fixed) bolts on the inner, hinge-side of the door, but Hollon goes further with a 1” diameter steel bar extending from the top to the bottom of the inner, hinge-side of the door. The bar nests into the safe body when closed, effectively creating one giant inactive bolt that secures the hinge side entirely.  So, even if Hollon's vault-style hinge system is compromised, nothing would be gained by the attacker.

Lock body options include a Chrome UL Listed Sargent and Greenleaf Group 2 Dial lock, or a Sargent and Greenleaf Type 1 Electronic Lock. The front face features a chrome tri-spoke handle for easy access.

Except for the smallest safe in the Hollon Oyster Series HFB product line, there is an optional jewelry insert cabinet available to store your possessions within velvet lined compartments. These cabinets feature 5 shelves and differently configured compartments.


  • 2-hour JIS/KIS fire rating (to 1700F)
  • Outside dimensions: 33.25” H X  21.0” W X  22.5” D (allow 3 inches for handle/door clearance.
  • Inside dimensions:  27.25” H X 15.0” W X 15.28” D
  • Weight: 440 lbs
  • Cubic feet capacity: 3.63
  • Shelves: 2
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Lifetime fire warranty. Manufacturer will replace any safe damaged in a fire

Security Features

  • Overall door thickness: 4.5 inches
  • Anti-burglary construction. 
  • 12-gauge interior and interior
  • Hinge Side 1” vertical, inter-locking bar
  • 3 1.25” front bolts
  • 2 Top / bottom active bolts
  • 1 anchor bolt hole (hardware included for concrete installation)
  • Re-locker type: Glass. The glass relocker is shipped inactive. Be sure to enable this relocker after the safe is installed (see our YouTube video).
  • Detent re-lock feature locks safe automatically when door is closed


  • Dial Lock
  • Biometric / Digital Lock
  • Digital lock with Audit Trail (track who entered the safe and when)
  • Battery powered, door triggered LED light kit


Delivery Times for the FB-845JD

Usually ships in just 7-10 days, but supply chain restrictions may cause periodic delay.  



More Information
Classification Safes
Fire Rating 120 Min
Burglar Rating B-Rated
Country of Origin / Assembly United States
Volume Capacity (Cubic Feet) 3.36
Weight 440 LBS
Exterior Dimension Width 21.125
Exterior Dimension Depth 22.5
Exterior Dimension Height 33.25
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Hollon FB-845JD Jewelry Safe, 2-Hr Fire and Burglary

Jewelry Safe with Velvet Lined Cabinet

2-Hr Fire Rated

Ext: 33.25 X 21 X 22.5

Int: 27.25 X 15 X 15.29

Volume: 3.36 cf

Weight: 440lbs

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