HOLLON RG-22C Gun Safe

When looking for a gun safe, the two main things people want is security against burglary and fire. The Hollon Republic Gun Safe (RG) line is one of the thickest steeled, UL-listed RSC burglary rated safe lines available. It is an American Assembled Gun Safe, and its price point makes the RG gun safe a tremendous value.

This RG-22C comes with up to 300% more steel than comparable competitor's models, is constructed in the United States, and it has a fire rating of 120 minutes to keep the documents under 350 degrees Fahrenheit with external temperatures up to 1400 Fahrenheit. See our video What are Fire Ratings?

For security, there is no substitute for steel. On the door of the RG-22C, Hollon welds a 3-gauge (quarter inch thick) steel plate to the 10-gauge outer body (a bit more than 1/8 inch) across the entire door. This plate acts as the first barrier to a potential thief, and prohibits pry bars from reaching past a 2-inch-wide defense barrier in an attempt to pry or bend the door, let alone actually reaching the bolts beyond this to try to pry them open.

Other pry bar resistant features in the door are U-channel steel construction in the boltwork, fourteen 1.5-inch solid steel bolts that are 3 3/8 long, up to 90% longer than comparable competitor models, and these bolts are on all 4 sides of the door. The RG-22 bolts are locked into place on every side of the door with a 4-way active bolt system ensuring the door cannot be removed even if the hinges are cut off.

These features and more give the RG-22 a UL RSC I burglar rating (see our video What Do Safe Burglary Ratings Mean?).

Hollon designed their own vault hinges for the Republic rifle safes. They are designed to never sag even after decades of use. This also allows the door be opened a full 180 degrees, and the door is removable. The inside of the door features a premium organizer to store additional items. This organizer is adjustable to accommodate every customer with their individual needs.

The vault hinge design allows the entire body of the RG-22 to be filled with a fire protective barrier to achieve the 120-minute fire rating. Other hinge systems, on other brand safes, may prevent fire protection is these areas.Instead of just particle board shelving, the one full length adjustable/removable shelf is re-enforced with steel beams to prevent sagging. It has a weight capacity of about 50 lbs.

The RG-22 has a flex shelving design to allow long gun storage in all columns or use any of the 3 smaller adjustable shelves to create shelf storage. It also features a light kit so you can easily see your safe's contents.

Republic Hollon gun safes come standard with a Sargent and Greenleaf Group 2 dial lock, which features all brass cams and an internal re-lock feature in case of an attack. It is up-gradable to a military grade EMP rated UL listed electronic lock (RG-22E). In addition, their locks are further protected by a drill resistant hard plate. You'd need a blowtorch to melt it, according to Hollon.  But security of the RG-22C rifle safe doesn't stop there. Should the main lock be compromised, there is a second lock behind the door that springs into action to keep the safe secure.

The 5-spoke star designed smoked nickel handle contains slip-clutch technology. Should someone try to force it open, it slips out of gear, makes a full circle, and re-locks into place.  

Lastly, the Republic series safes by Hollon come with 4 holes in the floor and bolt-down hardware, allowing you to further secure your safe. Altogether, this safe is built like a Sherman Tank.


  • Exterior dimensions: 59" h x 30" w x 24" d (add 3" depth for hinges/handle clearance)
  • Interior dimensions: 56" h x 26" w x 16" d
  • Weight: 800 lbs.
  • Capacity: 22-gun, comfort-fit capacity
  • Voume: 17 cf
  • Charcoal with black platinum hardware
  • Torch resistant fire rated for 120-minutes of protection at 1400°f 
  • Door of the safe consists of three layers of fireboard totaling 1.5 inch thickness
  • Body of the safe consists of two layers of fireboard totaling 1 inch thickness
  • Heat activated expandable intumescent door seal designed to seal out smoke and water


  • RSC I burglary rating. 
  • Far Exceeds California department of justice regulatory standards for residential security containers
  • Door: 1/4″ plate steel
  • Door thickness: 5 inches
  • Body thickness:1.25 inches
  • 10-gauge steel body is up to 80% thicker than safes carried by big box stores and discount warehouses
  • (14) 1 1/2″ diameter, 3 3/8 inches long, chrome plated solid steel live locking bolts
  • 4-way active locking bolts with coverage on all 4 sides of the door
  • 1/4" drill/ballistic resistant armored hard plate to protect lock
  • Active spring-loaded re-locker to prevent punch attacks
  • 1/4″ solid steel plate added to the entire door for pry bar resistance
  • (4) pre-drilled anchor holes (hardware included)
  • See What Makes Hollon Safes Better Than the competition?

Included Extras

  • Electric outlet included
  • Led light kit included
  • Chrome package 5-spoke handle and trim with soft plush universal interior
  • Full length adjustable/removable shelf
  • Small adjustable/removable shelves
  • Deluxe pocket door organizer


  • Jewelry box
  • EMP-rated, electronic lock
  • Take off pallet, move into home and bolt down (Phoenix Area Only, Ground Floor Only)
  • Color: white


Delivery Times for the RG-22C

The RG22 usually ships in 7-10 business days, but supply chain restrictions may cause periodic delays. Note: due to a national shortage of S&G EMP rated locks, Securam may be substituted at this time to prevent delayed shipping.

More Information
Classification Safes
Fire Rating 120 Min
Burglar Rating RSC
Meets CA-DOJ Meets California DOJ Standard
Country of Origin / Assembly United States
Volume Capacity (Cubic Feet) 16.93
Gun Capacity 22
Weight 800 LBS
Exterior Dimension Width 30
Exterior Dimension Depth 24
Exterior Dimension Height 59
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Hollon Republic RG-22C Gun Safe

RSC Burglary Rating

Ext: 59" H X 30" W X 24" D

Volume: 17 cf

Weight: 800 lbs

Capacity: 22 Gun Comfort Fit

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