Terms & Conditions

Safe Delivery, Move & Safe Installation Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to the use of this Web site as well as all transactions conducted through the site.

Please Note: We do not ship to Hawaii or Alaska free of charge. Contact us for a custom quote.

Shipping & Delivery

Online orders are drop shipped curbside by freight directly from the manufacture, unless otherwise arranged. This can take several weeks. For immediate delivery needs, call ACME and we can let you know if the safe is immediately available for shipping/delivery.

Safes typically ship by freight truck and your property needs to be able to support a freight truck delivery. If a freight truck cannot delivery your safe, for example dirt roads or space limitations, returns and cancellations are permitted under the Return & Cancellation Policies shown below. 

For delivery options, see our Shipping Options.

Additional Freight Charges

Freight companies bill on best case scenarios and our free shipping is based on these best-case scenarios. They may add additional fees out of our control. Some examples of these fees are (but not limited to):

  • Change truck free - when a large truck cannot get to your location, some freight companies may switch the safe to a smaller truck. They charge to do this.
  • Holding fees. When a freight company calls you for delivery, if you cannot take delivery within 1-2 days, they may charge you for holding the safe at their location. 
  • Moving fees. If you ask the freight company to move a safe into your garage or place it anywhere other than curbside, and this has not been prepaid for when ordering, the shipping company may charge you.

All additional fees are the direct responsibility of the customer as these situations are out of our control.

Should non-payment of these fees by the customer result in ACME Locksmith being billed for them, ACME Locksmith may order the safe be returned to us, and any refund to the customer will be less these charges, and all shipping charges and restocking fees as out lined below.

Inspection Policy

All freight deliveries must be inspected for damage at time of delivery. Safes that are received damaged and/or defective will be replaced or credited at 100% but the damaged safe must be refused at time of delivery.  

When a safe delivered by freight is not refused at time of delivery only the manufacturer's warranty for the safe applies.  Manufacturer's warranties do not cover damages caused during shipping once the safe has been accepted, charges incurred during installation, or arrival of an installation technician. ACME Lock & Safe is not liable for any charges to you by a third party regardless of cause.

Safes not delivered by a freight company (those sent standard FedEx, UPS, USPS) must follow the procedures below for replacement.

Return & Cancellation Policies

Returns of safes, for any reason other than damaged or defective (such as wrong size ordered), is possible after ordering and up to 14 days after the delivery date under the refund policies shown below. Please allow up to ten (10) business days for your refund to be posted.

Returns of Unshipped Safes

Refund Amount: Full product value if cancelled within 72 hours. Full product value minus 10% cancellation charge if cancelled after 72 hours of ordering.

Returns of Shipped Unopened Box (original packaging)

Refund Amount: Full product value, minus 25% restocking charges and any shipping fees paid by us, whether or not charged to you (that is what we paid to get the safe both to you and returned to us - both ways).

Returns of Opened Boxes

Refund Amount: Full product value, minus 25% restocking charges, any prep necessary to get the safe ready for shipment, and any shipping fees paid by us, whether or not charged to you, to get the safe to you and returned to us. If delivery is incorrect due to our error, we will exchange for the correct product or issue a full refund.

Returns of Damaged Product from Freight Shippers

If you see any damage on the box at time of delivery, including long scuff marks or indents in the box, take photos of the box prior to removal, then remove the box. Do not destroy the box when removing.

Inspect the safe. If the safe if damaged, take photos of the damaged safe.

For safe’s delivered by freight, notify the shipping company of the damage, and refuse delivery. Send photos to us by replying to your order confirmation.

Refund Amount: A replacement safe will be sent upon receipt of photos. Without photos, the replacement will be sent upon return and inspection of the damaged safe.  If the above process is not followed, the safe will not be replaced or repaired and has been accepted by the buyer as-is.

Returns of Damaged Product from non-freight Companies such as UPS, FedEx, and USPS

If you see ANY damage on the box, including scuff marks, take photos of the box prior to removal, then remove the box. Do not destroy the box or packaging when removing. They will be needed to ship the safe back.

Inspect the safe. If the safe if damaged, take photos of the damaged safe.

Send photos to us by replying to your order confirmation.

Refund Amount: We will begin working with the shipping company to return the safe and send a replacement. Without the above photos, the safe will not be replaced or repaired and has been accepted by the buyer as-is.

Returns of Custom Products or Non-Stock Items

Custom products or non-stock items are considered to be any safe that is built upon order for you from the manufacturer. These are ordered directly from the manufacture on an "as-needed" basis.  This includes, but is not limited to, all AMSEC BFX gun safes and BFII gun safes. Most RSC, TL-15 and TL-30 rated safes of any manufacturer, as well as any safe configured using a configuration other than the default (for example: left hand swinging doors, optional features, or paint color other than the default, etc...). Lock type is not considered a custom configuration. Special order merchandise also falls into this definition.

Refund Amount:

Up to 72 hours from time of order, full product purchase is refundable.

After 72 hours, but prior to shipping, painting, or modification to any safe body or door by the manufacturer, refundable less a 10% stocking fee.

Once shipped, painted, or modification to a safe body or door has occurred, these orders are Non-refundable. They are also non-returnable for anything other than safes found to be damaged upon arrival AND the safe is refused at time of delivery. Damaged upon arrival safes remain non-refundable. A replacement safe will be sent by the manufacture. 


Once a safe as been delivered, only the manufacturer's warranty applies. Call the manufacture of the safe for troublshooting any issues. If you within the ACME Locksmith's service area, the safe manufuacture will hire us to go out, diagnose and repair the safe, at their expense, while the safe is under warranty if: 1) they are not able to resolve the issue over the phone and 2) you request them to send ACME Locksmith.

Fully test the operation of the safe prior to the arrival of any company you may have hired to install it. This is to avoid any labor charges associated with their arrival and work prior to their finding something wrong. ACME Lock & Safe is not liable for any charges to you by a third party regardless of cause. Should you find something wrong with the safe we will work with the manufacturer to help get it resolved under the manufacturer's warranty.

Any services already performed (such as installation and bolt down by us or third party) will not be refunded.

Please note. Slight variations in appearance, material, or layout may occur due to color contrast on computers and changes in manufacturing processes. These changes are beyond our control and not justification for the return of the safe without a restocking fee and shipping charges.

If you are in the Phoenix area and have hired ACME Lock & Safe to move the safe into the home:

We perform move-in and bolt down services in our standard service area only.

All move-in and bolt down charges assume no stairs and a concrete path into the home. If this is not the case, additional charges will apply. Safes greater than 300lbs can only be installed at ground level if no elevator is available.

When the shipping company calls to schedule delivery, the safe must be scheduled to arrive before 2PM Monday-Friday only. If the safe cannot be delivered before 2pm, ACME will not move the safe into the home until the following business day.

Call ACME Lock & Safe at least 24 business hours in advance to provide us the date of delivery.

We will assign our technicians to arrive after the safe is scheduled for delivery to perform our services. This may result in the safe sitting curbside for several hours. If the safe arrives earlier than expected call us and we will try to get our technicians out sooner but this cannot be guaranteed.

Bolt down of safes is conducted at buyer's risk. We will NOT bolt down any safe to a post-tension slab. ACME Locksmith assumes no liability for any damages that may occur from the bolt down since we will bolt the safe down where the buyer indicates.

Moving the safe into the home is done at buyer's risk. Safes are large, heavy objects that must be negotiated through the home. Once moving they are difficult to stop. Though we will do our best, dents, dings, chips, scratches and other damage may occur to your walls or flooring. ACME Lock & Safe is not liable for any damage that may occur as a result of installation.

Clearance for Safe Installations

All safes over 400 lbs require sufficient clearance to install the safe of 12" on each side and 12" on the top. If this space is not available, the safe cannot go into the area chosen without additional charges, and returns will be treated as wrong size ordered and subject to a 25% restocking fee AND any labor required to delivery and return the safe.

If, upon arrival of our technician, the safe is found to be damaged, we will arrange for its return and get a replacement sent. However, an additional return trip fee of $80-$160 will be charged prior to our returning since a second visit is now required and the safe was not inspected/refused at time of delivery. This charge is necessary to cover the expense associated with getting our safe installers to your location. Fully test the safe before our arrival to avoid return travel/trip fees.

If you are using our move-in services, your move-in payment assumes a clear unobstructed path, no stairs, and placement of the safe on the ground. To avoid additional charges be sure that the path to the safe placement is clear and unobstructed. Any additional work required in order to place the safe, such as the removal of items, building of ramps for stairs, etc... will result in additional charges at time of service.