Teeho Biometric Deadbolt

Teeho TE002 Product Overview

A basic and very affordable digital deadbolt with biometric scanner, the TeeHo TE002 is capable of storing up to 20 user codes / fingerprints in memory.

Installs in just minutes with drop in replacement of existing deadbolts. Only a screwdriver is needed. Allows you to set a One-Time User Code in the lock for later use.

When you need to give someone access to your home, just once, provide them this code. Once used, the code becomes inactive. Then set another one-time-code for use at a later another time. This feature is NOT available in many smart locks, let alone a stand alone digital lock.

Unlocks your door in less than 1 second with rapid biometric fingerprint identification technology. Your print is recognized in just 0.3 seconds, then the bolt is retracted to open the door.

This is an ANSI certified grade 3 lock (see our YouTube video on lock grading). Normally, we don't recommend grade 3 locks, but here you need to consider the price point. If you're interested in getting a biometric door lock, the TeeHo TE002 is priced exceptionally well given quality of the lock and the  featuers you are getting. There are better locks, but they will be much more expensive.



Phoenix area only - installation options. See our service area.

Schlage or Kwikset keyway. If you want the key override for the Teeho TE002 biometric lock to match your existing house key, order the same keyway as your existing home's lock brands (Schlage is the default ).  When the product arrives, take it into a locksmith shop and have it rekeyed to match the house key before installing the lock.  Don't have Kwikset or Schlage locks installed on your home? Check out compatible keys by lock brand.




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Classification Keyless Entry / Access Control
Weight 1.83 LBS
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Teeho Biometric Lock

Biometric Door Lock

Up to 20 Codes / Fingerprints

Stores a 1-Time Use Code

ANSI Certified

Can be rekeyed to match existing house key

Installation Available in Phoenix Metro

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